Map. History of Human Rights conflict

22 February 2018
CBI registers case against 5 people (group admins) and 114 members of a WhatsApp group for circulating child pornography messages. CBI conducting searches at three locations in Delhi, UP and Maharashtra
7 hour ago
South Korea's top diplomat to stress North Korea's human rights abuses in Geneva next week
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC): The situation in Ghouta represents humanity in its ugliest forms
Vatican's sex abuse investigator hospitalized in Chile
Top Bahrain rights activist sentenced to five years in prison - lawyer
Rights groups slam Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte for banning a critical news website from covering the presidential palace
International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt says Oxfam executives "possibly deliberately" misled regulators in their response to claims of sexual abuse by aid workers in Haiti
The British government has said same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland could be introduced via Westminster
Oxfam investigating 26 new cases of sexual misconduct: chief
Pakistan, Central African Republic and Afghanistan are the worst countries for newborns while Japan, Iceland and Singapore are the best, days @UNICEF
University of Birmingham researcher Dr Matthew Falder has been jailed for 32 years after pleading guilty to 137 sexual abuse offences
British government believes Oxfam has a long way to go to restore trust with the public and those people it serves - May's spokesman
Any comments about how a man looks isn't even an eyelash worth of the systemic discrimination women face. As a man in business and politics I had lots of advantage but I didn't go near discrimination, sexism, superficiality and judgement that women go through daily: Justin Trudeau
Oxfam says Haiti director admitted using prostitutes
Two-thirds of Australians want deputy PM to resign over sex scandal: poll
Attacker used shotgun, all killed, except attacker - women.
Kokomo police: Man arrested after holding woman against her will inside trailer
Hungary anti-immigration bill is an 'assault on human rights': U.N.
Woman protested today compulsory hijab
Another Iranian woman stages public protest against compulsory hijab
Pres Trump made his statement on domestic violence in response to these press pool questions at end of Oval Office photo op on Oppty Zones: Q: Mr. President, why have you not spoken out against domestic violence? Q: Do you believe the women, Mr. President?
Sen. Tammy Duckworth wants to change Senate rules to make motherhood easier
Syria: Humanitarian aid convoy enters Marj area in Eastern Ghouta
According to the United Nations high commissioner for refugees, "conditions in Myanmar are not yet conducive" for the 668.000 Rohingya to return home
Far-right activists break LGBT lection in Kharkiv
Asked whether President Trump believes women who accused former White House staffer of domestic violence, @PressSec tells @CeciliaVega he takes allegations seriously, and "supports the victims of any type of violence, and certainly would condemn any violence against anyone."
@statedeptspox: We join the Government of Pakistan and others around the world in mourning the untimely death of Pakistani humanrights and democracy advocate, Asma Jahangir. For years, she courageously defended the rights of those who did not have a voice.
"Do you believe Rob Porter's ex-wives?" a reporter repeatedly asked @POTUS as the press pool was ushered out. No reply to that.
The Philippines is among the world's top source of child pornography according to UNICEF
De Lima says Duterte a 'sex-obsessed sociopath' after shoot vagina remark